Group Conditioning Sessions with KT Conditioning

@Rob7Burrow ( and @KTConditioning ( have joined forces to bring you their brand new Group Conditioning fitness sessions. Using their years of experience with professional Rugby League and Strength & Conditioning the pair will deliver you a challenging but enjoyable conditioning experience.

The Group Conditioning sessions will provide a high intensity personal training session using a combination of Strength & Conditioning and running based training methods. The aim of the sessions are to develop endurance, strength, core stability and movement capabilities whilst building muscle and burning fat. Sessions will begin with a dynamic warm up involving mobility (get you moving better) and activation (get your key muscles firing) components. This will then be followed by the main part of the session involving interval based work including running and strength exercises targeting all the body’s major muscles. Sessions will finish with additional core stability and developmental flexibility exercises.

Group Conditioning sessions are designed for males and females across a range of fitness levels but it is recommended that you have some training experience prior to commencing the training sessions. The sessions aim to develop your fitness in a unique atmosphere where you can push yourself but be challenged and encouraged by all.

The first session will take place on Saturday 1st September at the fields on Pasture Drive, Whitwood, Castleford (WF10 5TP, the former Smawthorne fields approx 800m from the M62). The session will commence at 10am and will be £5 per person. To book your place or for more information please email Prior to commencing training all individuals must complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) and Personal Information Document so please email in advance.

Look forward to seeing you all there

RB and KT

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